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from Jan. 29, 2002.

        Cochonfucius (孔八戒) was born from a conjunction (which took place in Cluny Tavern) between the Buddhist pig (猪八戒) from "Xi Youji", and the sage king without a kingdom (孔子). Having started his life in profanity, or perhaps something worse, he is now the proverbial wolf in lamb's clothing, and finds interest in fables, or such harmless pursuits as magical bracelets, Sobieszczanskian works or sometimes Berthelinesque pictagores, and even some stories about cockchafers.

He never understood that silly French tale, la Chanson de la Colonie, much less the drifter's rhymes. He can waste sixty whole terms not knowing what to do with himself, apart from meeting Yake Lakang, or looking at praying wheels.

He sleeps in day sometimes, making strange dreams, reviving his youth; he tries to argue with a frog, he loses his way in a city, and plays chess on a hexagonal board. From some bleak garden comes the sound of a hermit's imprecations.

He attends the meetings of the   STP   society in Paris, and when there really is nothing left to do, he listens to conversations between Philémon and Anatole, or strolls about Wexler's gardens, or among Westerners and their pets.

Most rainy days resound of such idle chat, which can be Megahal's or sometimes Eliza's, but of course, you could just want to play with some pictures.